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Genie Pet Tag

Genie Pet Tag

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  • Locate Your Missing Pet - Lost your dog or cat? Find a pet with this dog finder and cat finder tag! This pet tag sends you an email notification when a finder scans the QR code. Like a pet tracker, it provides the signals GPS Position where the scan took place. Log into the Genie Smart Tag website to get it.
  • Finder Tags with Emergency contact - Keep this cute collar tag on your pet all the time. The pets ID tag lets the finder see the pet parent's contact details and the pet’s medical information. You may also store multiple contacts details, which include other caretakers.
  • Manage Your Pet’s Digital Profile - Make sure that your dog ID tag and cat ID tag has your pet’s info. Create your dog or cat's online profile with photo, vaccinations, allergies and other information. Registering on the website activates the smart tag and keeps your pet’s details in one place, Safe & Secure
  • Instantly Generate Missing Posters - Create a digital missing poster of your dog or cat via the Genie Smart Tag website. With just one click, you can immediately share it on social media.
  • Arrange Important Reminders and Alerts - The mobile website that comes with this pet ID helps set important reminders. You can schedule your pet’s vaccination, deworming, grooming and other alerts on the website. With this QR code pet id tag, keeping tabs on your pet’s activities is easy!


  • Material: Epoxy
  • Technology: QR Code
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 2 x 35 mm
  • Product Weight: 50 grams


  • genie Pet Tag needs to be registered for the service to be activated. The unique owner id present on backside of pet tag needs to be registered by scanning the QR code or simply call/message us on +91 9029008248 to activate..


  • There is a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects, i.e., defects in the material and manufacturing process. It does not cover product components that are subject to normal wear and tear, or fragile components (such as, switches, batteries or the casing). Should there be a manufacturing defect within 1 year of your purchase, it will be repaired or re-placed free of charge. However, consumer-inflicted damage, improper use or incorrect maintenance of the product will void the warranty.
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