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Cat Toys 2-In-1 Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Cat Balls, Cat Mice Toy, Cat Entertainment Toys, Electric Cat Toy for Cats/Kittens, Dual Power Supplies, White

Cat Toys 2-In-1 Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Cat Balls, Cat Mice Toy, Cat Entertainment Toys, Electric Cat Toy for Cats/Kittens, Dual Power Supplies, White

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❓Why your cats need 2in1 interactive cat toy?

✔As kittens grow older their play changes and by the time they are 14 weeks old their play is mainly directed towards objects, which they stalk, pounce on, bat, grasp and bite.

✔These are the skills they need for hunting. Playing cat toys provide an outlet for your cat's predatory instincts and also relieves boredom, prevents behaviour problems and provides exercise which reduces weight gain and future health problems. This is especially important for cats without access outdoors.

✔cat toys ambush feather automatic randomly pop out from holes. Firing up natural hunting instincts. Even staring at a toy can drain your cat's energy. More importantly, it activates for 10 minutes each 4 hours during daylight. Cats can self play with ambush interactive electronic cat toy while you're at work.

Looking forward to your sharing of videos or photos of cat entertainment!

LED Colorful Lights

The built-in LED color light is soft and colorful to attrack the cat's attention.

If your cat is afraid of light, you can also choose a no-light mode.

Sound Design Attracts Attention

This cat enrichment toy will beep and attract the cat's attention. When the cat hears the sound, it will look for the source of the sound.

Various Modes to Meet Your Needs

Cat toys interactive for indoor cats - Suitable for cats of all ages.

Many kittens like to play the fast mode. Medium speed mode may be suitable for older cats.

Comes with 2 Balls

Interactive cat ball keeps cat busy. Another bell ball stimulates senses.

If your cat needs more stimulation, you can change the ball with bell.

Friendly Reminder:

Getting a smart cat excited about toys isn't always easy.

❓How to Keeping Cat Toys Fresh And Exciting?

Keep your cat interested in toys by rotating them on a regular basis. Switch them up every week or two. Seeing something unfamiliar will re-ignite your cat's curiosity and becomes a fresh source of experiences.

Catnip can send cats into fits of ecstasy. Refresh cat toys by rubbing fresh catnip on toys.


If the ball breaks in half, just align the holes and merge them.

  • uD83DuDE3B2-in-1 interactive cat toy: our electronic cat toy has two playing options, one for the ambush and on the other the marble run. This awakens your cat's curiosity so they have fun with our toy! There are multi-modes to choose from, with an optional LED light that you can turn on or off for more and intelligent fun.
  • uD83DuDE3BMore fun for your cat: Our great, interactive and electric cat toy will make your cats more active and also avoid common problems that could cause your cats to be bad mood and damage your furniture. All you need to do is purchase this fun toy, making your cats healthier and happier.
  • uD83DuDE3BSafe to use: the cat toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS materials. So it is safe and non-toxic, has a smooth design, which makes it feel good for the cats and does not cause injury. In addition, the built-in, cuddly LEDs are interchangeable and can be switched on or off. We see it as our mission to take care of the health and fun of your pets.
  • uD83DuDE3BAutomatic shut-off function: the toy train has a special design with an asymptic on/off function, it automatically turns off after 10 minutes, so your pets can take a break. After 4 hours, the toy turns on automatically so that your pets can play with it again. However, if you want your pet to continue playing, simply turn it on manually.
  • uD83DuDE3B2 types of power supply: the electronic cat toy has 2 ways to obtain power. You can either insert 4 x AA batteries (batteries are not included) or use a 5 V/1 A adapter to ensure the power supply. The toy is easy to use and brings fun without end.
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