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Cat Harness and Leash Set Escape Proof Reflective Cat Walking Harness Adjustable Soft Breathable Mesh Vest for Small Pets, Blue, M

Cat Harness and Leash Set Escape Proof Reflective Cat Walking Harness Adjustable Soft Breathable Mesh Vest for Small Pets, Blue, M

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  • Harness & Leash Set for Average Cat: [S - Neck Girth 9.5"-11", Chest Girth 13"-16"]; [M - Neck Girth 11"-13.7", Chest Girth 16"-20"]. Please measure your four-legged friends and refer to the size chart carefully before purchasing. Package includes 1x cat walking harness and 1x long cat leash(4.9ft).
  • Comfortable and Durable: This harness is made of lightweight, soft, breathable mesh fabric with soft edge and resilient cushioning, which can effectively prevent injuries, won't make the cat feel hot and want to get rid of it, not limit the movement of pets due to being too bulky. (Tips: Please give your cat some time to get familiar with this harness for the first time use)
  • Four Points Free Adjustment: There are one quick-release buckle at the neck and two quick-release buckles at the chest which is easy to wear and take off. And four adjustment points to make sure fit your pet perfectly. When the cat grows up, it can also be adjusted to the appropriate position according to the size of the cat, without frequent replacement.
  • Escape Proof Cat Harness: The four adjusting straps allow a just-right fit for your flexible cat and the sturdy safety buckle for a more secure closure so that he/she won't slip out easily or even get lost during outdoor adventures. Have an enjoyable walk, exercise, and playtime outside with your kitty now!
  • Enhanced Safety Features: This harness and leash set is designed with reflective strips that ensure maximum visibility during your cat's nighttime adventures. The sturdy D-ring provides reliable support and prevents breakage even during high-speed chases, ensuring a long-lasting service in your pet's safety.

Product Description

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash Set

Take Your Cat to Explore the Outside World

Cats who stay at home all day are actually curious about the outside world, but they are naturally sensitive to everything, so they dare not go out alone. If you own one of our cat harness set, you can enjoy the outside world with your cat.

Every Detail Has Been Carefully Considered and Designed

  1. Quick-release Buckle

    To help the cat put on and take off the harness very quickly. This saves a lot of time and reduces the energy expended with the cat by putting it on before the cat tries to escape.

  2. Sturdy Metal D-Ring

    To attach to the leash. Distribute the pulling pressure of the leash across the chest and shoulders, which is less pulling pressure on the pet's fragile neck.

  3. Soft Edge

    When it fits your cat's body perfectly, it won't rub the fur and cause the cat to hurt. Breathable and soft, it provides your cat with unparalleled comfort.

  4. Comfortable Smooth Handle

    The top handle helps you instantly control your cat, and let your little friend explore the outside world safely.

  5. 360° Rotatable Metal Hook

    Attaches quickly and securely to the cat harness. It can rotate smoothly and let your kitty move freely without tangling the leash.

How to Measure Your Cat and Wear the Harness

How to Introduce the Harness to Your Cat? Let Your Cat Accept the Harness Firtst

If this is the first time for your cat, try to ensure that you make this experience as positive as possible.

We suggest you adjust the harness to fit your cat snuggly but not too tight, with the two fingers test.

  1. We suggest that you leave the harness near your cat's sleeping area so she can familiarize herself with the appearance and smell. Wait until just before feeding her and put the harness on. Then you can feed her and praise her immediately, this way she will associate the harness for a while. If it bothers her, you can distract her by playing with her.
  2. When she's used to the harness, take it off and repeat putting it on and helping her adjust to the harness for about a week.
  3. After she's used to the harness, attach the lead to the harness and let her walk around the house with it dragging behind her. But make sure that she doesn't get tangled up in anything. Once again praise your kitty for being so good and give her lots of love and praise.
  4. Next, let your cat walk around like before, only this time pick up the lead and follow her. Keep the tension slack so as not to restrict her and frighten her. Then, after she is used to you following her, teach kitty to follow you by talking to her in a soothing manner and very lightly pulling on the lead. Don't fight her. If she tugs, please stop and wait until she relaxes and then move on.
  • Please don't rush your cat to put on the harness, you need to slowly guide it to accept the harness until it doesn't try to break free.
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