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40 Inch Cat Tree Tower Multi-Level Activity Tree with 2-Tier Cat-Hole Condo

40 Inch Cat Tree Tower Multi-Level Activity Tree with 2-Tier Cat-Hole Condo

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● Ample Activity Rooms: The 6-tier cat tree tower with relatively even intervals offers sufficient spaces for meeting kittens' climbing and jumping needs, and the top perch allows the kitten to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. Besides, there exist 3 amusing jingling furballs satisfying kittens' hunting instinct.
● Healthy and Fun Design: The cat tree is designed with a cat self groomer that allows your cat to enjoy comfortable massages while cleaning and grooming their furs. And the durable scratching posts satisfy the kitten's instinct to scratch while protecting your furniture. Moreover, they are made of natural sisal ropes, which are healthy and safe.
● Comfortable Tree-hole Condo: The cat climbing stand comes with a spacious 2-tier tree-hole condo, which can accommodate up to 2 cats, adding more fun. More than that, the inside of the condo is covered with premium bamboo, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.
● Stable Structure and Premium Material: The multi-layer cat tower adopts durable particle boards and a wide base, ensuring great stability and each layer can load up to 22 lbs. In addition, all 4 round platforms are covered with soft plush, which can provide a warm and securing resting environment for your furry friends.
● Stylish Appearance and Easy Assembly: With the unique tree-hole shape and stylish appearance, the practical cat tree can also be a perfect addition to your living space. Other than that, with the detailed instructions and simple structures, it is easy to set up this beautiful cat tower.


All-in-One Cat Amusement Center!

This 6-tier cat tower provides sufficient space for your lovely kitten to jump, climb, rest, overlook, play, and relax. It features 5 posts at different levels covered by natural sisal ropes, massage combs, or felts, providing different scratching and massaging experiences. Cats can also look out the distance or enjoy sunbaths by sitting on the top plush perch. Additionally, we provide a spacious 2-tier condo with plush cushions and cool bamboo for kittens to sleep comfortably as well as protect privacy. Kittens can also play with the hanging furballs to consume energy when you do not have time to play with them.

This stylish and elegant cat tower can also as a piece of aesthetic furniture for your home!

  • Features 6 tiers, satisfy kitten's need to climb and seek different heights
  • The soft top perch with raised guardrails protects kittens from falling
  • 3 dangling balls attract cats' attention and add more fun
  • The bottom self groomer allows cats to enjoy a massage while cleaning furs
  • Designed with 2 scratching posts, made of natural and healthy sisal ropes
  • The large 2-tier condo provides a safe and private sleeping place for 2 kittens
  • The bamboo inside the condo through delicate polishing is smooth and burr-free
  • The large and wide base provides strong support and is not easy to wobble
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